Our Terroirs

les terroirs cave vigneron vin oenotourisme "michelas st jemms" drome

Terroirs and appellations

The estate is composed of 50 hectares of vineyards divided into plots across four of the most prestigious appellations of the northern Rhône valley: Hermitage, Crozes-Hermitage, Saint-Joseph and Cornas. In-depth knowledge of the land allows us to extract all the virtues and the ultimate expression of the terroirs, through precise plot selection and careful blending.

cave vigneron vin oenotourisme "michelas st jemms" drome

Hermitage :

The secret of this great, mythical wine comes from a calcareous terroir, with quartzite pebbles and granitic crystalline. The vineyards, the oldest of which were planted around sixty years ago, produce a Syrah full of freshness and elegance. When tasted, the finesse of Hermitage is expressed through aromas of blackcurrant mixed with violet.

cave vigneron vin oenotourisme "michelas st jemms" drome
cave vigneron vin oenotourisme "michelas st jemms" drome

Crozes-Hermitage :

The vineyard is divided into four parts, each with its own clearly defined character. The Southern-most vineyards are located at Beaumont-Monteux, and Pont-de-l’Isère. They are fed by stony, calcareous-clay soil, with some large pebbles thrown up by the Rhône river. Syrah, the Northern Rhône Valley’s iconic varietal, reveals aromas of liquorice. The plots of Mercurol, on the more central “des Châssis” plateau, contain regular-sized pebbles in calcareous-clay soil, and are deeper than the other two. Here, the aromatic expression of Syrah is revealed through red and black fruit. Finally, the plot located at Larnage, is different to the others, with granite soil coming from the foothills of the Massif Central, on a vein of kaolin (white soils), providing the wine with elegance and finesse.

On these very different terroirs, Roussanne and Marsanne express the subtlety of white Crozes-Hermitage, through notes of white flowers, apricots and honey.

Saint-Joseph :

The soil is composed of weathered granite, and the vines on the terroir of Saint-Joseph appellation draw their minerals from deep down in the earth. Grape quality here is enhanced thanks to the South-facing terraces the vines are planted on. The Syrah of the red Saint-Joseph, is distinguished by a freshness and elegance which reveals itself on the palate through pleasant aromas of red fruit, such as blackcurrant, liquorice and pepper, after being kept for several years. The white Marsanne du Saint-Joseph expresses the advantageous exposure of the vineyard through floral wines, revealing notes of honey as it matures.

cave vigneron vin oenotourisme "michelas st jemms" drome
cave vigneron vin oenotourisme "michelas st jemms" drome

Cornas :

The Cornas appellation is to be found in the town of the same name, on the right banks of the Rhône river. The charm of the terroir is expressed through the beauty of abrupt terraces, lined with small dry stone walls. As for the soil, it is granitic and poor, and the roots of the vines are forced to bury downwards to seek mineral richness in the depths of the earth. Fleshy, mineral and spicy, Syrah expresses its typicality through red wines which are both powerful and aromatic.