Saint-Joseph – Sainte Épine White

Saint-Joseph cave vigneron vin oenotourisme "michelas st jemms" drome


Sainte Épine

Appellation: Saint-Joseph

Colour: white

Vintage: 2014

Grape variety: Marsanne

Pairing: ideal as an aperitif, or served with cooked fish or a platter of cheese

Tasting Notes

Colour: golden yellow

Bouquet: honey and white flowers

Palate: fruity and floral, slightly honeyed as the wine matures

Tasting Tips

Serving temperature: between 12 and 14°

Ageing potential: 3 to 5 years

Terroir, vinification et élevage

Soil: granite/380m altitude

Vineyard management: High Environmental Value certification

Vinification and Maturing: The Saint-Joseph Sainte Épine white vines are around 30 years of age and are hand-picked, in respect of traditional methods. The harvest undergoes vinification by plot in barrels, a third of which are new, while others are one or two years old. The wine is then matured for 6 months, a third in barrels, two thirds in stainless steel tanks.