Terres d'ArceCrozes-Hermitage

Appellation : Crozes-Hermitage
Colour : Red
Varietal : Syrah
Vintage : 2019
Food Pairing : flanck bifteck, rack of lamb from Sisteron

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Two selected plots made this wine so particular. One terroir from “Les Châssis” of deep chalky-clay soil and another from “Les Terres blanches de Larnage” of Kaolin vein hold on granit hill. As our entire vineyard, those vines are worked with eco-friendly methods in order to respect biodiversity and our beautiful landscapes.


Only the best grapes are selected to make this wines. Harvest are made in cases in small volume in order to don’t crush it prior to get the cellar. Then we put directly our full bunches in barrel to make an integral wine-making in oak. Thus extraction are made by rolling the barrels thanks to the OXO Line system. Inorder to get smooth and elegant tannins, this wine lies down in barrels for approx 18 months.

Tasting notes

This full-bodied wine has a deep garnet colour. Very complex, black fruits, spices and roasted notes merge in the nose. On the palate, blackcherry aromas let merged minty notes through firm tannins in the youth. It will paired well with nice piece of red meat in the youth and elegant game such as Pigeon or woodcock after few years in the cellar. Served it at 18°C.

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